Meet the band

Nick McCann

Nick McCann plays harmonica, banjitar and jug. He also hosts "Mr. Ghost Goes to Town" on XRAY.FM. Nick's home town is Cleveland, Ohio.

Anna Sandys

Anna Sandys plays fiddle and mandolin. She also plays with the Hops and Honey String Band, and builds violins in her own studio. Anna is from Sonoma, California.

Giued Lutge

Giued Hatch plays washboard and washtub bass. She also plays with the Ukeladies and occasionally with the Pagan Jug Band. Giued is from Malibu, California.

Arlo Leach

Arlo Leach plays guitar, kazoo and jug. He is a Jug Band Hall of Fame inductee and led the efforts to buy gravestones for Will Shade and Joe and Charlie McCoy. Arlo's home town is Holstein, Iowa.